by Kim Merritt

Welcome to Gritty Jewelry

Every piece in the Gritty Jewelry design catalog is destined to be wearable art, the perfect blend of grit & glamour, well-crafted to survive mosh-pits, yet classic and fashionable for cocktail parties. Miniature effigies of iconic objects, acknowledging the gritty under-belly of early-Americana, every component is made by hand and coated in a patina that will change over time according to the wearer.

Based in Seattle, WA, Gritty is proud to be American made, and uses source materials from Seattle-based companies to support the local economy and small-businesses who help keep the trade of hand-crafted, artisanal jewelry thriving.

— Kim Merritt



Gritty at Tractor Tavern’s Handmade Arcade

The goddamn holidays crept up on us like an over-commodified pervert flashing discount percentages through a big-box store trench coat. […]