by Kim Merritt


This jewelry won’t make its damned self! So I take metal, add fire, drill bits, saws, solder, blood and sweat*. My designs incorporate mixed metals, gemstones, and buckets of radness. *I do remove all blood and sweat whenever appropriate.

I started making jewelry (seriously) in 2006.

I love transforming raw materials into new, interesting things. I also incorporate old and broken scraps into some of my small batch designs. Running through the process of drawing to cutting, bending, sawing to finished product; this always pushes serotonin through my brain.

Seattle thrives on a gritty core that often gets overlooked. I love the beers, beards and bikes. Surprises hide behind almost every loose brick. People here are way more upbeat and colorful than the rest of the country gives us credit. It’s full of beauty, despair, and mountains. What’s not to love?