by Kim Merritt

Wedding days…….

Holly and MerlinYou met a person. You dig that person enough to smash your bodies and belongings together for your remaining days as mortals. Nice work!

Relationships require custom methods of communication, movement, and tolerance. Each person enters a partnership as a unique frigging snowflake, so measures of accommodation and compromise need tailoring. It’s messy work, but worth the effort.

A terrific way to show dedication to your one-off relationship is to commission one-off wedding rings from Gritty Jewelry!

Holly and Ryan Merritt

Holly and Ryan Merritt

Holly and ryan photo


Holly and Ryan Up Close


You benefit by knowing each piece in your set was crafted by hand for you and your relationship. They reflect you each as individuals and together as a united force.

Gritty loves your love, regardless how gross. Custom ring sets help launch your big day, and new life together, with a creative and personal touch.

Now go on, get a room.

Adam and Raynn

Raynn and Adam



    Photo credit for Adam and Raynn