by Kim Merritt

30% of all Online sales will be donated to SPLC!

We grew up believing in justice, but recent events shine a floodlight on the fact that justice is a privilege, enjoyed by those lucky enough to have been born wealthy or white or male. A petulant moron — the trifecta of birthright privilege — wormed his way into the White House. He ran a vile campaign of pettiness, hatred, and lies. Less than a year later, nazis marched on Charlottesville knowing the tweeting idiot supports them. They murdered Heather Heyer. They attempted to murder Deandre Harris. Our supposed president defended them.

A neat thing happened that weekend, though. Throngs of real Americans showed up and shouted them down. It’s a mistake to assume progressives are weak. Tolerance and optimism grows from our strength. We don’t want to fight, but we will. Our best weapons aren’t fists or sticks. We deploy a barrage of intelligence, guile, and persistence. Nazis lost jobs and got arrested. One of their leaders sobbed on the internet in fear of legal retribution.

Southern Poverty Law Center combats hate groups. They identify and track these dopes. They advocate tolerance. Their lawyers battle for justice, and they’re kicking ass (figuratively).

This is why Gritty Jewelry will donate 30% of all online sales in the month of September to the SPLC. All sales will be shown publicly along with a photo of the check to SPLC.

We’re witnessing some dark days, but a better future awaits us. We can’t stay silent. We’ve got this as long was we love one another, celebrate our differences, and stand tall against hate.