by Kim Merritt

Gritty at Tractor Tavern’s Handmade Arcade

The goddamn holidays crept up on us like an over-commodified pervert flashing discount percentages through a big-box store trench coat. This stuff happens the same time of year every year, but nobody is ever prepared. The few people that appear ready — humming holiday horror music and sipping peppermint mochas — invite scorn from the rest of us. They deserve this; they are terrible people. That’s not the point, though.

It doesn’t have to be this hard. Buying people stuff doesn’t have to feel like you’re donating blood to a mosquito swarm. You can actually feel good about buying and giving, especially when you buy local.

Buying local feeds the artists you like to chat up in dive bars. It pays their rent and enriches your environs. Buying local allows you to give gifts that the recipient would doubtfully find anywhere else. Buying local builds communities.

Sometimes, a group of artisans and crafters descend upon a single locale to make it easier for shoppers to enrich and build communities. A particularly terrific event happens to exist this Sunday in Ballard! Tractor Tavern’s Handmade Arcade opens at 10am and runs until 4:30pm Sunday, December 17. Shop guiltlessly while listening to live music, eating the available foodstuffs, and drinking responsible quantities of booze. What a time to be alive!

It just so happens that Gritty Jewelry will be there as one of many local artists and craftspeople! This is your chance to prove how super you are to all the people you know for whom you buy things. Save your dread for another day and allow a little hope to flood your too-much-pocket-money problem.

The holidays can kind of suck, but they don’t have to. See you there.