RX Bottle



  • Handmade in USA
  • RX Bottle
  • Matreials: sterling silver, copper, chain, rivets
  • Only ships to United States from Seattle, WA.
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This necklaces focal point stands 1″ tall by 5/8″ with tiny pills dripping down from the side.
Sterling silver and copper are the metals used.

You romanticize the closing scene of a scabby rocker’s tragic biopic. Feathers and dried champagne cover everything. A chandelier fell and shattered, but that hotel room never had its own chandelier. The story’s hero lies dead in the bathtub, a consequence of excess.

Maybe you prefer the (sort of) redemption of High End of Low. Your rock and roll messiah cleans up and forges onward.
The music lacks that previous desperation and urgency, but it’s a comfort to know you might still get to see them live on the casino circuit.

Either way, we are all human and are prone to going Down in it. What counts is how we utilize these experiences. Life is an education, and some would argue for quality over quantity. We strive for a merger of the two at Gritty. Most of you likely do as well. Be furious and safe by wearing some new pieces that help you vicariously live the Rock n Roll.

"No more running for the shelter of Mothers' little helper"

“No more running for the shelter of Mothers’ little helper”

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